Sofia Xirotiri

January 3-5 2019 Turin, Italy
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About Sofia

After being a gymnast for 23 years, reaching the highest international levels, winning numerous medals in the Greek national team, Sofia Xirotiri discovers Ashtanga Yoga in her thirties and falls in love with it from the first moment. Today she is not only an advanced practitioner, but also a teacher able to help and inspire practitioners of all levels.

Sofia is authorized KPJAYI level II.

This workshop is the perfect opportunity to start the year 2019 setting the best intentions in our practice.


Date: From 3 to 5 January 2019.

Place: Turin city center 

PPM TORINO Via Via Guarini 4, TORINO

Aimed to all levels of Ashtanga Yoga practitioners.


Thursday 03 January
8:00 am Mysore style
10.00am Led (Primary Series)
3:00 pm Handstads. Wrists, core, shoulder blades, shoulder opening, exercises to optimize body positioning in handstand.

Friday, January 4th
8:00 am Mysore style
10.00am Drive (First Series)
3:00 pm Handstands. Basic exercises to achieve more balance during the execution of the handstands. Some exercises to practice at home, in couples and alone.

Saturday, January 5th
8:00 am Mysore style
10.00am Drive (First Series)
3:00 pm Deepening Backbends
We will explore the secrets of back-bending. Key exercises that practiced in a correct way will help us to unlock difficulties to achieve more advanced backbends during our practice.