Touching the Depths: An Ashtanga Intensive With Ty Landrum

May 3-5 2019 Turin, Italy
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About Ty Landrum

The Second Series is called Nadi Shodana, or the clearing of the little rivers, the clearing of the subtle channels through which our animating forces move.  The Second Series can help us open these channels, and clear away the sediment of the past, so we can be more transparent to ourselves, and more receptive to reality.

In this intensive, we explore the rhythm and flow of the Second Series, looking not only at the postures, but at the dynamic sequences of breath and movement to which they belong. We learn to work intelligently with these sequences, adapting them to our unique bodies and circumstances, so we can gradually melt into them, and allow ourselves to dissolve.

Anyone who wants to explore the internal dynamics of the Second Series is welcome to join. There are no requirements of technical proficiency, but you should be a dedicated Ashtanga practitioner, and you should have that distinctive focus of breath, attention, and gaze that comes from steeping yourself in the practice for a long time.

Our approach to the Second Series will be generous and forgiving.  Instead of concerning ourselves with contorting our bodies into conventional standards of external form, we will focus on embodying the postures on more subtle and energetic levels.  More pointedly, we will explore the series as an instrument for clearing away old patterns of conditioning, and connecting to a more open, lucid and compassionate state of awareness.


Vinyasa Studio Vittorio Emanuele II 44, Torino


Book here: 327.02.92.657 

What is Ashtanga Vinyasa?

Ashtanga Vinyasa is a contemplative form designed to open the experience of the body, and expose us to the wonders of embodied experience.  As we thread our way sweetly through the forms, the serpentine forces of the subtle breath begin to move.  They spiral down into the emptiness of our bodies, drawing our awareness into an intoxicating dance.  The practice is to be open, supple, receptive, allowing our minds to bend gracefully as this ecstatic dance unfolds.  For if we can move with elegance and poise, we can find ourselves reeling through the luminous depths of the body, and awakening to the brilliant possibility of living in communion with the primitive sources of our being.

In this weekend intensive, we study the internal dynamics of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, and we uncover the simple but potent techniques that bring the practice alive—tracing internal currents of breath, balancing subtle patterns of sensation, moving our bodies from the inside, and settling ever more deeply into our skin.  Through a careful balance of practice and reflection, we begin to absorb these techniques, and we begin to appreciate their role in supporting an unusually lucid state of exquisitely embodied consciousness, in which we allow our creative powers to unfold naturally, gracefully, while we revel in the exhilarating experience of awakening.



Surya Namaskar – 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Mysore/ Led class (primary) – 8:30 AM – 11:30 AM

Twisting and Folding – 1:00PM – 3:30PM

Mysore/ Led class (primary) – 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Mula Bandha –  12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Philosophy – 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Workshop Descriptions

  • Surya Namaskar (7:00 PM – 8:30 PM)

    The backbone of the entire Ashtanga system, Surya Namaskar is an offering of breath and movement to the Sun.  In the context of yoga, the Sun is not only the celestial body that gives us warmth and daylight, but the solar center of the subtle body, where our vital forces converge. In Surya Namaskar, we are propitiating to these forces, inviting them to move into the central axis of the body, to burn away our delusions and give us insight. In this session, we explore the internal mechanics of Surya Namaskar, learning to practice with greater presence, precision and fluidity. Open to practitioners of all levels.

  • Mysore or Guided Practice (Primary Series) (8:30AM – 10:30AM)

  • Backbending (2:00 PM – 4:00 PM)

    The practice of backbending is about making ourselves vulnerable, while finding the internal support to handle that vulnerability with elegance and grace.  In this session, we learn the techniques of internal alignment that make backbending an exhilarating and sensual experience, rife with opportunity for deep psychical release.  We learn to work intelligently with the diaphragm, the psoas, the pelvic girdle and the obliques to create a long and supple spine that can reach confidently into these difficult forms.  This session will involve a full practice. Open to all practitioners of all levels.

  • Mysore or Guided Practice (8:30 AM – 10:30 AM)

  • Mula Bandha (12:00 PM – 1:30 PM)

    Some say that mula bandha is the toning of the pelvic floor.  Others say that mula bandha is the experience of non-duality.  Still others say that mula bandha is the awakening of the feminine sublime.  What do these apparently disparate things have in common?  This workshop aims to clarify.  Observing the subtle breath within our bodies, we discover a thread of sensation that reaches from the pelvic floor to the soft palette, a thread that connects us to the primitive source of our vitality.  By awakening our wonder for where that thread leads, we invite some of the finer experiences of mula bandha to arise.  This session involve light asana, pranayama and subtle visualization practices.  All practitioners are welcome.

  • Philosophy: The Feminine Sublime (2:00 PM – 3:00 PM)

    In classical Tantric philosophy, the feminine is the natural principle of creation.  She is abundant, excessive, unpredictable, and threatens to overwhelm us when she overflows.  The secret of yoga practice is to make space within consciousness for the spontaneous movement of that principle, and to adore its immediate unfolding, even as it overwhelms the ego with its sublime excess.  In this session, we explore the nature of the feminine, and the possibility of relating to the feminine intimately, through a colorful retelling of the Myth of Sati, “she who is.”  This session will be pure philosophy, involving no formal asana or pranayama practice.  Open to all.

As the student become proficient in their own practice, knowing the sequance allow, them to practice with more independence, at their own space, breath and rithm while surrounded by the energy and inspiration of other students in the room. 

Experience the exhilaration of practicing traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa in concert with other practitioners to a steady and rhythmic count.  This way of practicing allows us to move together, breath together, and focus together, as one living organism.  Alignment instruction will be concise and minimal in this session, as the focus will be to sustain the natural flow of breath.